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We are a rather unique lumber treating company. For starters, we are one of only a very few treaters in the USA who produce fire retardant, CCA treated and new environmentally friendly ACQ treated products under one roof. We stock as broad a treated produ
Montgomery 03.05.2010
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Blackburn Manufacturing Company was started in 1953 in the basement of a small family homestead near Royal Nebraska. Our founder, E. A. Bud Blackburn was the brains behind the facility when he invented not only the marking flag but also the machine to pro
Neligh 02.05.2010
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A distributor and factory representative founded by Edward Woltemate in 1947, Woltemate Associates initially operated out of a small office in Springfield, Pennsylvania. The business moved to Springhouse, PA in 1961 and operated there until 1989, when the
Doylestown 01.05.2010
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Gnu-Co Inc., a lumber trading firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, was established in 1998 to provide top quality custom wood products such as timber mats / construction mats and related industrial grade wood products to customers all over the
Charlotte 30.04.2010
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Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. is a twenty-six year old manufacturer of computer tape and magnetic media that offers a wide range of new, recycled and recertified computer media products, services and accessories. These include, but are not limited to, 9-
Denver 29.04.2010
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Since 1991, Flexible Compensators, Inc. (FlexCom) has been manufacturing fabric and metal expansion joints for a variety of industrial uses including cement, paper & pulp, steel, automotive, air pollution and power/utility applications. Whether you ar
Hellertown 28.04.2010
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Since the founding of Weed Instrument in 1968, we have been a leading player in defining and growing several unique technology markets. From custom design, high volume temperature sensors for OEM applications to high performance products for the nuclear p
Round Rock 27.04.2010
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Connection is essential in any interaction. The people who make up Tidewater are specialists in connecting different worlds, be they economic, foreign, industrial or technical. Tidewater, its people and its vessels operate throughout an ever shrinking wor
New Orleans 26.04.2010
SERVICES AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Pipeline Testing, Pigging, Dewatering/Dehydration Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Mechanical Cold Cutting Hot Oil Flushing Hydraulic Stud Tensioning Hydraulic Flange Spreading Commissioning of Process Piping Hydrostatic
Scott 25.04.2010
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Atwood Oceanics, Inc., its international operating subsidiary, Atwood Oceanics Pacific Limited and related subsidiaries (“the Atwood Group”) are engaged in the business of international offshore drilling and completion of exploratory and developmental oil
Houston 24.04.2010
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Headquartered near the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, Mountain Industrial provides the industrial and commercial market place with quality-products and services. The service territory of Mountain Industrial varies by product, but does include t
Glasgow 23.04.2010
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Established in1998, International SubSea (ISS) combines extensive offshore experience with efficient project management and execution. Operating as we do in a competitive environment, ISS appreciates the paramount importance of reliability, safety and tim
Cumby 22.04.2010