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Transport packages

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Name of goods or services/ Description State, Country Price Updated on
275 Gallon Bulk container
Enlarge:275 Gallon Bulk container enlarge
Type of business: Containers for transport of liquid cargo (flexitanks) Reconditioned 275 Gallon HDPE Blow Molded IBC In Tubular Cage W/Integral Base UN-Certified В 
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Buffalo - 22.08.2010
Drums, Open Head Steel
Enlarge:Drums, Open Head Steel enlarge
Type of business: Metal barrels New Open Head Drums 16 Gallon Tapered (120# Grease Can) 15 Gallon - Bolt Ring 30 Gallon - Leverlock 30 Gallon - Bolt Rings 30 Gallon - UN Marked. . .
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Detroit - 25.06.2010
Drums, Tight Head/Closed Head Steel
Enlarge:Drums, Tight Head/Closed Head Steel enlarge
Type of business: Metal barrels New Tight Head Steel Drums 10 Gallon - lined 15 Gallon - unlined 16 Gallon - unlined 16 Gallon - lined 20 Gallon - lined 30 Gallon - lined 30 Ga. . .
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Detroit - 25.06.2010
Tanks, Wine
Enlarge:Tanks, Wine enlarge
Type of business: Containers made of ferrous metals Feature: 2" standard ball valve discharge (shown) or sanitary options available.
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Fenton - 21.06.2010

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