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Type of business: Pipes We offer Steel Pipes, ERW Black Steel Pipes, Galvanized Steel Pipes & Pre Galvanized Tubes, etc.
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Long Island - 18.10.2010
Buy: Slab
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Type of business: Rctangular preparations (slab) A slab is a length of metal that is rectangular in cross-section. It is created directly from continuous casting or indirectly by rolling an ingot. Sla. . .
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Long Island - 18.10.2010
Teflon Hose
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Type of business: Hoses Designed to convey hot air, steam, compressor discharge and many chemicals. Not recommended for steam-cold water cycling. Features extruded Teflon tube. . .
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Dallas - 20.09.2010
Type of business: Bending of metal ● CNC bending for multi-bend parts ● Quick change tooling for fast setups ● Forming, embossing, hemming ● Bend width: width of a match stick. . .
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Newfane - 11.09.2010
Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube
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Type of business: Steel pipes Atlantic Stainless maintains a large warehouse inventory of Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube to meet your job requirements. If you don't see what you need. . .
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Needham - 03.09.2010
48" Fluorescent Tubes 40 Wt
Enlarge:48" Fluorescent Tubes 40 Wt enlarge
Type of business: Halogen lamps F40T12CX. 40 Watts. Cool White Deluxe. • Manufacturer's warranty against early failure • Conforms to, or is exempt from, the most recent Federal E. . .
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Pawtucket - 30.08.2010
Square Plastic Tubing
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Type of business: Containers made of polyethylene, plastics, rubber Square-shaped tubes offer a slight change from the basic round tubes. Many different sizes can be created All sizes listed are available as sealed bot. . .
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Greenfield - 19.08.2010
Rectangular Plastic Tubing
Enlarge:Rectangular Plastic Tubing enlarge
Type of business: Plastic Packaging Sometimes a completely square tube won’t quite work for a product. Tulox offers a rectangular variation that often remedies that problem. Although ma. . .
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Greenfield - 19.08.2010
Round Plastic Tubing
Enlarge:Round Plastic Tubing enlarge
Type of business: Packaging for pharmaceutical goods Round tubes are the most common and therefore provide the most options for standard-sized diameters. Many different sizes can be created All sizes lis. . .
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Greenfield - 19.08.2010
Custom Plastic Tubing
Enlarge:Custom Plastic Tubing enlarge
Type of business: Packing full-colored The goal of the Tulox Plastic Corporation is to provide packaging that attracts more sales to the product. In order to insure that goal is reached, we . . .
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Greenfield - 19.08.2010
Type of business: Metal working Crafted Metals tube bending fabrication capabilities range from 3" x .120 wall to 1/2" inch. With our 6 axis laser our tube bending fabrication is expa. . .
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Cerritos - 15.08.2010
Extrusions, Plastic Tubing
Enlarge:Extrusions, Plastic Tubing enlarge
Type of business: Products from molded plastic Flexible and Rigid Tube extrusion manufacturing is a specialty at Universal Plastics. Universal Plastics for more than 30 years has provided it’s cus. . .
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Denver - 17.07.2010