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Buy: Apples
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Type of business: Apples RED DELICIOUS The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor, Reds are also great in salads GOLDEN DE. . .
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Edgewater - 13.10.2010
Panasonic Commercial Microwave Ovens
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Type of business: Machines and the equipment for public catering establishments 1000W of quick-cooking power. .8 cu. ft. capacity. “Grab & Go” door handle. Stainless steel front. 3-year on-site warranty. Dial or touch control.
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MeQuon - 12.06.2010
Gas Griddle
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Type of business: Equipment for cafes, bars, restaurants Polished steel cooking surface is 3/4" thick with a 4" full-width grease trough. Built-in, 4" wide spatula size opening for draining of residue. Fron. . .
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Orlando - 11.06.2010
Water System, Aquapure Drinking
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Type of business: Integrated system for water treatment Aqua-Pure Drinking Water System Filters are typically used in the kitchen, bathroom, or bar for all cold water coming out of a normal faucet. They redu. . .
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Syracuse - 06.05.2010
Air Purifiers, IQAir HealthPro Plus
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Type of business: Filtering on clearing air units In addition to the high-efficiency pre-filter and cleanroom grade HEPA filter, the HealthPro PLUS also includes a V5-Cell Gas and odor filter. The IQAi. . .
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Streamwood - 11.04.2010