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Pneumatric (Air) Cylinders
Enlarge:Pneumatric (Air) Cylinders enlarge
Type of business: Pneumatic actuators Pneumatric (Air) Cylinders Aluminum Body Pneumatic Manufactured by T-Mac Available Adjustable Stroke, . . .
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Madisonville - 11.12.2010
Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2
Enlarge:Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2 enlarge
Type of business: Billets, metal The Equotip Bambino 2 is a handy measuring device for an easy metal hardness test on most diverse part geometries. It combines modern electronics with . . .
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AliQuippa - 15.11.2010
Buy: Lemons
Enlarge:Lemons enlarge
Type of business: Lemons LEMONS The most versatile of the all the citrus varieties, lemons not only add zest and flavour to your favourite dishes, but they also have a number . . .
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Edgewater - 13.10.2010
Buy: Apples
Enlarge:Apples enlarge
Type of business: Apples RED DELICIOUS The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor, Reds are also great in salads GOLDEN DE. . .
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Edgewater - 13.10.2010
Sell: Wedding
Type of business: Cars with driver for wedding servicing Your wedding is unique and deserves special attention. With our worry-free wedding packages, you'll have the most complete and well-prepared bridal ser. . .
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Madison - 07.10.2010
4 Buckle Men's Protective Boots
Enlarge:4 Buckle Men's Protective Boots enlarge
Type of business: Special protective footwear 100 waterproof rubber remains flexible in cold conditions. Aggressive abrasion resistant ZXT outsole provides slip resistance in most conditions. Fit. . .
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Dallas - 20.09.2010
Sell: Painting
Type of business: Painting Our paint shop turns out a finish that is equally durable and attractive. If it is MIL-Spec paint or commercial epoxies, enamels or powdercoat - we can. . .
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Sterling - 19.09.2010
Top loader Laboratory Balances
Enlarge:Top loader Laboratory Balances enlarge
Type of business: Balance laboratory Top loader Laboratory Balances offer much more capacity than analyticals but do not read to such fine graduations. Usually, most top loaders do not req. . .
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Auburn - 17.09.2010
The Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale
Enlarge:The Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale enlarge
Type of business: Automobile balance Hydraulic loads cells are the most rugged and long-lasting weighing device available in the scale market. Cardinal's extensive truck scale experience h. . .
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Auburn - 17.09.2010
GA 5-11 Oil-injected rotary screw compressor
Enlarge:GA 5-11 Oil-injected rotary screw compressor enlarge
Type of business: Compressors By far the most reliable tank-mounted premium solution that supplies high-quality compressed air, plug-and-play. Premium GA quality and improved servi. . .
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Milwaukee - 13.09.2010
QAC 500-750-1000 Containerized diesel-powered generating sets
Enlarge:QAC 500-750-1000 Containerized diesel-powered generating sets enlarge
Type of business: Generators diesel 500 to 1000 kVA (PRP) at 50 Hz; 450 to 1140 kVA (PRP) at 60 Hz QAC super-silent generators are Atlas Copco's line of sturdy, containerized electric po. . .
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Milwaukee - 13.09.2010
YS-2500 / YS-3000 Series - Round Body Cylinders
Enlarge:YS-2500 / YS-3000 Series - Round Body Cylinders enlarge
Type of business: Cylinders  Round body cylinders utilizing snap ring, threaded and welded designs to fit almost any application. Custom built to your specifications and applicat. . .
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Saint Clair Shores - 06.09.2010