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Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2
Enlarge:Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2 enlarge
Type of business: Billets, metal The Equotip Bambino 2 is a handy measuring device for an easy metal hardness test on most diverse part geometries. It combines modern electronics with . . .
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AliQuippa - 15.11.2010
Hot rolled (coils, sheets, strips)
Enlarge:Hot rolled (coils, sheets, strips) enlarge
Type of business: Metal-roll Hot rolling is a metalworking process that occurs above the recrystallization temperature of the material. Hot rolling is used mainly to produce sheet. . .
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Long Island - 18.10.2010
Norprene Rubber Tubing
Enlarge:Norprene Rubber Tubing enlarge
Type of business: Rubber flexible hoses and tubes Norprene tubing simple outperforms other general purpose tubings in test after test, application after application. When it comes to ozone and U.V. lig. . .
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Dallas - 20.09.2010
Enlarge:Transformers enlarge
Type of business: Transformers Whatever you transformer or custom magnetic requirements… Pacific will deliver it faster and with a higher degree of quality than previously possible. . .
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South El Monte - 18.09.2010
Bag Filters
Enlarge:Bag Filters enlarge
Type of business: Filters HIGHLIGHTS OF THE BAG FILTER SPECIFICATIONS include the following: Flows to 2000 gpm Carbon or stainless steel construction Pressures on single ba. . .
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Mooresville - 10.09.2010
Manual - Tape Shooter 150
Enlarge:Manual - Tape Shooter 150 enlarge
Type of business: Packing trade commercial equipment Our revolutionary, patented, three-way reinforced water activated tape stays closed and secure where you clearly tamper evident...yet opens w. . .
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Batavia - 07.09.2010
The Quick Check PC800 Barcode Verifier
Enlarge:The Quick Check PC800 Barcode Verifier enlarge
Type of business: Scanners of bar codes Barcode reproduction accuracy is critical throughout the supply chain. Honeywell helps assure that you can produce, receive, and use barcodes meeting t. . .
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Batavia - 07.09.2010
2100 Series - Millenium Wave
Enlarge:2100 Series - Millenium Wave enlarge
Type of business: Bicycle parking You could call it functional art. We combined a simple, flowing design and sturdy utility in the Wave System. Without sharp corners, it's safe for chil. . .
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Sacramento - 04.08.2010
Bike-Check™ Portable Bicycle Parking System for All Events
Enlarge:Bike-Check™ Portable Bicycle Parking System for All Events enlarge
Type of business: Bicycle parking Cycle-Safe has made it possible to solve a problem often faced by special event planners. The challenge is to provide bicycle parking that is secure, e. . .
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Grand Rapids - 02.08.2010
Gauges, Inline Mud
Enlarge:Gauges, Inline Mud enlarge
Type of business: Pressure transducer • Gives precision pressure indication for blowout Preventors and Mud Manifolds. Excellent for cementing, fracturing, acidizing and gravel packing. . . .
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Houston - 01.08.2010
Valves, Gate Model 72
Enlarge:Valves, Gate Model 72 enlarge
Type of business: Gates, valves, cranes, latches Model 72 Overview The Model 72 gate valve is designed for oilfield service as well as maximum flexibility and reliability. Whether used in your mud sy. . .
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Houston - 06.07.2010
Pumps, Chemical Induction
Enlarge:Pumps, Chemical Induction enlarge
Type of business: Pumps Our "SWEET PACKAGE" (Submersible Wastewater Efficient Effluent Treatment Package) is the best Chemical Induction Pump System for your Chlorination and . . .
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Spring - 19.06.2010