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Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2
Enlarge:Metal Hardness Test  Equotip Bambino 2 enlarge
Type of business: Billets, metal The Equotip Bambino 2 is a handy measuring device for an easy metal hardness test on most diverse part geometries. It combines modern electronics with . . .
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AliQuippa - 15.11.2010
Metal Hardness Tester  Equotip 3
Enlarge:Metal Hardness Tester  Equotip 3 enlarge
Type of business: Metal cutting The Equotip 3 is a versatile portable metal hardness tester offering extended capabilities and unmatched ease of operation. This metal hardness tester . . .
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AliQuippa - 15.11.2010
Steel beams
Enlarge:Steel beams enlarge
Type of business: Beams steel Steel beams are structural supports which are made from steel, an alloy of carbon and iron which is famous for its strength. Beams are critical to the . . .
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Long Island - 18.10.2010
Buy: Apples
Enlarge:Apples enlarge
Type of business: Apples RED DELICIOUS The heart-shaped fruit is bright red and sometimes striped. Crunchy with a mildly sweet flavor, Reds are also great in salads GOLDEN DE. . .
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Edgewater - 13.10.2010
TAL-450 label dispenser
Enlarge:TAL-450 label dispenser enlarge
Type of business: Automatic machineы for the gluing of labels The TAL-450 label dispenser is a durable, affordable uniquely designed dispenser for today's industry. Designed specifically to save you time and money. . .
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Batavia - 07.09.2010
Manual - Tape Shooter 150
Enlarge:Manual - Tape Shooter 150 enlarge
Type of business: Packing trade commercial equipment Our revolutionary, patented, three-way reinforced water activated tape stays closed and secure where you clearly tamper evident...yet opens w. . .
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Batavia - 07.09.2010
Rubber O-Rings
Enlarge:Rubber O-Rings enlarge
Type of business: Rubber rings Atlantic Rubber O-Rings, in a full range of sizes and materials, are available in small or large quantities using stock tooling or with minimal tooling. . .
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Littleton - 04.09.2010
ProLine™ Tri-Class Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Enlarge:ProLine™ Tri-Class Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher enlarge
Type of business: Fire extinguishers Highly effective protection against all three common classes of fires: A, B and C. Nonmagnetic aluminum cylinder with chip-resistant epoxy finish. Stro. . .
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Pawtucket - 30.08.2010
Paper, Custom Security Foreing ID
Enlarge:Paper, Custom Security Foreing ID enlarge
Type of business: Paper PROTECTED Paper routinely performs document risk assessments for government agencies, banks, and corporations. Our staff is also available to work with. . .
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Rochester - 24.07.2010
Sentry, Winged
Enlarge:Sentry, Winged enlarge
Type of business: Fans with built-in filter When the application calls for an air cleaner with a customized enclosure, the Winged Sentry may be an excellent choice. The "Wing Flaps" move in and o. . .
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Houston - 12.07.2010
Enlarge:Syntho-Glass® enlarge
Type of business: Coverings Syntho-Glass® is a patented, fiberglass cloth pre-impregnated with a resin that can be activated by salt or fresh water. Packaged in a hermetically se. . .
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West Palm Beach - 28.06.2010
Drums, Plastic
Enlarge:Drums, Plastic enlarge
Type of business: Barrels, polyethylene, plastic, rubber High Density, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Resin Extremely Strong & Rigid Ideal for Regulated & Non Regulated Packing Applications UN Marke. . .
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Detroit - 25.06.2010